Company Overview

Brecht Trucking was started in 1979 by Doug and Shirley Brecht. They started with one tractor and one grain trailer. A second tractor was purchased in 1980 along with a second trailer. Doug and Shirley hired another driver and contracted a few owner operators to assist with their operations. By the late 80’s they had acquired 3 tractors and 6 trailers.


They continued to grow their new found business and in 1995 they made the decision to expand to running operations over the road. At this point they decided they would no longer continue with the grain business. A new customer was acquired that was located in Marion IA. Brecht Trucking was responsible for the safe pickup and delivery of this company’s freight and the goal was to get their drivers back in a timely fashion to keep up with volume of freight they were receiving. Brecht continued to grow as the customer grew.


In 2003 Brecht Trucking owned and operated 6 tractors and 12 trailers. They also hired two full time owner operators to lease on to Brecht. A part time dispatcher was hired to assist managing drivers and freight. Brecht rented a shop in Marion to help save on road expenses and repairs. In 2004 Brecht signed with another customer. This gave them the ability to add more equipment and continue growing as a company. A full time dispatcher was hired to keep up with the new drivers and freight. In December of 2005 Brecht Properties LLC was created. Following this, Brecht purchased a piece of land and a commercial shop. An office next door was rented for convenience.


Brecht Trucking currently still operates this office as one of our main terminals. Soon to follow, in 2006, a service technician was hired to perform minor maintenance and repairs. A full time mechanic was hired in 2008 to expand their shop capabilities. Also in this time frame, Brecht Logistics Inc. was created. Customer freight was abundant and this allowed Brecht to broker excess freight to outside carriers.At this point Brecht Trucking Inc. was operating 8 company trucks and 10 owner operators and business continued to grow. Customer demand grew stronger and more equipment was added to bring the fleet to 15 company drivers and 14 owner operators. In 2010 a new customer was added to the books. For this new freight 2 new refrigerated 53ft trailers were purchased. This new customer was very pleased with Brecht’s customer service and performance. They requested Brecht add more reefer trailers to accommodate them. By the end of 2010, Brecht’s equipment consisted of 15 tractors, 36 van trailers, 3 reefers and 14 owner operators that were leased on.

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