Brecht Trucking/H&N Logistics/Hartung Brothers 2015


In January 2013 Brecht Trucking Inc. was purchased by H&N Logistics LLC/Hartung Brothers Inc. Brecht Trucking LLC with DOT 2358845 was created and is currently the DOT number Brecht operates under.


Brecht Trucking’s new parent company Hartung Brother Inc. (HBI), is one of the top 5 largest agricultural businesses in the country. Hartung Brothers has grown exponentially since its start in 1974. They produce many raw products such as cucumbers, sweet corn, snap beans, lima beans, carrots and more. They are also a big player in seed corn production and distribution. HBI’s growth required them to develop a logistics and transportation division. H&N Transport was incorporated in1979 and in 2003 H&N Logistics LLC was born. H&N would control all of the logistics and transportation of HBI products. The purchase of Brecht Trucking would add to HBI’s logistics department as well as add equipment to assist in the rising demand to transport their products.


H&N Logistics has upgraded the Brecht Fleet with over 150 reefer trailers. H&N has also added more drivers including owner operators. Our current fleet is just under 50 power units and growing. An order was made in February 2015 for 25 brand new Freightliner Cascadia Evolutions. H&N has also upgraded its operations with a new system called TMW Suite, as well as Peoplenet communication systems. Also added was fleet maintenance software that works with TMW called TMT. H&N has purchased scanners that link with the peoplenet systems to allow drivers to scan any documents from their truck. Being a Transflo based scanning system, it also allows driver to send

paperwork via transflo from any participating truck stop. All these systems were put in place to increase productivity and time management. For owner operators, these systems in place can help increase your bottom dollar. With Peoplenet you get accurate IFTA reporting and fuel mileage.


Reports can be created to allow driver to see in short or long term what their performance and costs are. These systems will help with time management and overall driver performance. Brecht Trucking and its parent companies are constantly updating and upgrading to improve overall employee and driver satisfaction. The success of these companies comes from the hard work from each and every driver and employee. We will continue to grow and improve along the way. We look forward to working with new people and will do everything in our power to create a positive and successful working environment.

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